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Retail Banking Design
Sell the sizzle...
Not the Steak

Is a slogan that has been around for a long time, and for a good reason: it works. The total banking environment has to convey an invitation for your customers to do business with you.

" The Merchandising Plan"

“Think of your bank as a store.” Your customers purchase products through your sales people (your tellers and financial representatives) at a series of central locations (teller windows and personal banking desks). This is the only time when decision-makers and your products come together—and excellent opportunity to motivate your customers into action. In many ways, bank lobbies are a retailer’s dream come true.


“Sell the Benefits” of your product and services with signage, not the features. The graphic “look” must be consistent in all branch locations with a direct relationship to advertising, thus bringing your merchandising message to the physical space- where products are sold.

"Visual Merchandising Product Displays"

Visual merchandising not only sells a product, it sells ideas relating to activities and life styles in order to promote sales. When your displays are implemented effectively, they project drama, versatility, and practicality to your customers. This creates awareness and the desire to purchase.

"Image Updates"

When investing in your banks’ image, every detail should reinforce the products and services you sell to the clients who buy them. New interior finishes and their applications should attract your customers’ attention, generate trust, and create a comfortable atmosphere for financial transactions and sales.
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